Gin Of The Month!

Starting Octber 1st we have a new 'Gin of the Month', The Botanist!

The Botanist is a hand crafted small-batch, atisinal Islay Gin brought to us from whisky distillers Bruichladdich. The Botanist is a premuim Gin distilled with 31 botanicals (Gordon's has 4...pft!). It uses 9 'normal' botanicals such as Juniper, coriander and orris root; however unlike no other Gin it also contains 22 botanicals native to the island of Islay which include big words like Mugwart leaf, Creeping Thislte and Lady's Bedstraw. All of the native botanicals are hand picked by a team of 'expert foragers' and are hand peeled and treated ready for maceration.

The distillery aquired a whisky Lommond Pot Still, which was the very first (1957) and is the last remaing one of its kind. Nicknamed 'Ugly Betty', she has been bespokely altered to distill and produce a truly unique Gin. Only 15,000 bottles were produced in 2010 and their production has increased vastly due to such high demand! 

Our recommended serve is with Fever-tree tonic, garnished with Basil & a few turns of black peper. Come and give it a try for yourself!

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